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Flat Iron Experts - Hot Tools Professional 1-1/2" Spring Curling Iron Review

Hello everyone, I hope all has been well! Today I have another product to review from Flat Iron Experts that is affordable and amazing!

This time around I received the Hot Tools Professional 1-1/2" Spring Curling Iron, so if you were hoping to see some super tight pageant curls here, this is the WRONG post for you :p!
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I received this iron MONTHS ago and to be honest after the first couple of fail attempts, I gave up on it and left it alone. I had no clue how to use such a big curling iron and I know that there are others out there who know what I'm talking about, but I promise once you take the time to practice the results truly are beautiful! This iron has a gold barrel, a matte black handle, and purple accents on it which I first observed and adored! The feel of the handle is smooth, yet it still has a good amount of grip. The Hot Tools curling iron comes with an 8-foot swivel cord, so you have plenty of room to move around if needed. To turn on the iron, you locate the on/off switch on the side and slide it up to the "on" position. When the iron is on and plugged in, a little orange light light up. Next you are going to select your temperature from a scale of 1-10 with 10 being extremely hot (I personally would NEVER turn it up that high), I usually use mine on 5 or 6 to get the job done. There is no way to know for sure when it is heated up and ready to go with this iron, so you kind of have to guess.
Here is what my hair looked like before using the curling iron ( I know I look like a hot mess, I just woke up.. Sorry you had to see this! LOL). The only product in my hair at that time was the thermal shine spray that I received and previously reviewed before (will have it linked below). The hair is naturally a wavy/curly texture.

I sectioned off my hair from top to bottom to make it easier to work with. Here were my results from start to finish:
I did slightly finger comb through the hair so it wasn't to "neat" looking and the hair is layered.

If you have somewhat long hair & love the Kim Kardashian type curls, then this iron is perfect for you! On the length of hair I have installed, the curling iron adds a little bit of waves and plenty of body which would also be great wanting these results. I'll admit, when I first got the iron I was a bit bummed out because I have never used a curling iron this big (I'm more used to the 1") and it was very intimidating. But after many, many, many, MANY times of trying with this product I finally got the hang of it! I would certainly recommend this product.

 The Hot Tools Professional 1-1/2" Spring Curling Iron is currently on sale for $45.95 Canadian (Originally $119.99) and shipping is free on all orders to the US and Canada over $50. I would recommend getting the thermal shine spray (retail $13.99) that I reviewed here to help protect your hair and add a nice shine to it when using hair tools.

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