Saturday, 30 March 2013

Chirality Nail Polish - New Holos Swatches & Review

Today I have 5 beautiful holo polishes to show you created by the indie brand Chirality Nail Polish. Just so I do not sound repetitive, all swatches are 2 coats worn alone, however a few of them could be worn in just one.

**Note: I did NOT use topcoat on any of these swatches as it decreased the holo effect, just holding the bottle for pictures ;) **

First up is Bromine which is a peachy-beige holographic polish. If you're someone who likes neutral polishes this is right up your alley!

Next is Quarks which is a purple leaning blue holographic polish. At first I saw this polish as a beautiful dark purple, but when I turned my head and looked back it looked like a navy blue, so trippy (but beautiful nonetheless)!

Convergence is a red toned purple holographic polish. I don't think I've ever seen a holo this color yet and it is easily one of my favorites of the bunch!

Asymptote is an evergreen holographic nail polish. I'm the ultimate hater of the color green, but I absolutely am hypnotized by this color.

Lastly is Absolute Zero which is a light blue holographic polish. I had to save the best for last, this icy colored polish is amazeballz!!!!!!!

The quality of these polishes are out of this world! There was absolutely no streaking what so ever which is a common problem for holos, and the dry time was less than 10 minutes! The colors are also super pigmented and look amazing even in shaded areas. The best thing about these are that each full size bottle (15mL) only costs $7.50 (This is not I joke, I swear!). I personally think this is a pretty sweet deal because of the quality of these polishes, whereas large companies are making weaker holos and charging much more **cough cough China Glaze**.I don't think I have anything bad to say about this brand or these polishes, & I will definitely be getting the full sizes of these (along with others)! 

Chirality polishes can be purchased from her etsy shop or bigcartel shop where 7mL minis are $4.25 a bottle and 15 mL full sized are $7.50 a bottle. Keep in mind she does offer worldwide shipping so you might want to take advantage and start buying!

Peace & Love,
*Products sent for my honest review*

Nubar - My Sweet Escape collection + Nail art Swatches & Review

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend! Today I have a couple of Nubar products to show you including 2 polishes from their new My Sweet Escape collection.
First up is Resort Yellow which is a bright lemon yellow creme polish. I think this may be my most favorite yellow EVER, it is super pigmented & although it was somewhat streaky on the first coat, it was completely opaque on the second. Below is 2 coats worn alone.

Next up is From Dusk till Dawn, well at least it's supposed to be. My bottle is labelled "Dusk Till Dawn" rather than "From Dusk till Dawn" and looks nothing like the version that is available for purchase which is a royal blue color from swatches I have seen. I think I may have accidentally received one of the bottles they made during the testing stages, but I thought I'd show you anyways because the color is really pretty :).  My version looks like a cross between Into The Wild & My New Obsession that is also from the My Sweet Escape collection and applied beautifully in 2 coats.

**Update: I have been informed that I in fact have the right polish, and that the one I saw was the preliminary photos for My New Obsession :)**

The next product I have to show you is Nubar's nail art pen in the color Mint Frost. This nail art pen also doubles as a striper, and the pen is so tiny that you can do lots of detailing & letter writing without any hassle. I attempted a leopard manicure using this pen along with the 2 colors shown above!

The last item I have to show you is the Silver Glitter Nail Art Striping Brush by Nubar. I created the design below using Dusk Till Dawn, Mint Frost, and the Silver Glitter striper. I personally think the glitter is too big and the glitter to base ratio is off, and by this I mean you have to go over the same line over and over again to get some definition.
I love the pigmentation that Nubar polishes have and the formula is amazing! I personally don't think that the plain striping brush is anything special, unless you are someone who only buys 3-free polishes (although I'm pretty sure there are cheaper ones). However, I really do love the nail art pens! It's cool that it doubles as a striper, but I really love how fine the pen is compared to the others on the market. Also, I will be reviewing one of Nubar's top coats soon & am currently testing the "wear" of it so stay tuned for that!

Nubar products can be bought directly from their website or from online stores such as

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*Products sent for my honest review*

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Born Pretty Store- 3 Size Baby Pearl Rhinestone Decoration Wheel Review

Good afternoon everyone and TGIATLW (Thank God It's Almost The Long Weekend)! Today I have some pretty pearl rhinestones to show you from the Born Pretty Store.
The 3 Size Baby Pearl Rhinestone Decoration Wheel consists of approximately 1200 flat-bottomed pearl decorations that come in 3 sizes; 4mm, 3mm, and 1.5mm and are contained in a nail wheel. The base color I used to show off these pearls is 3 coats of Pink Slippers by Milani.
 I'm normally not the type to wear big ol' decorations on my nails because I have a bad habit of picking them off, but I actually love these! I can see them even being worn on weddings over a nice off-white just to spice things up! I did not need to use nail glue to get these to stick on my nails and placement is very easy.

The 3 Size Baby Pearl Rhinestone Decoration Wheel cost $4.14 with free shipping, but Daisy has provided me with a coupon for you guys to make the deal even sweeter! If you use the code "SKL91" during checkout you will receive an additional 10% off your purchase from the Born Pretty Store for all of your nail art needs.
Don't forget to stay in touch with the Born Pretty Store for more deals and updates!
Link to Pearl Rhinestones:

Peace & Love,

*Some products sent for my honest review*

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

It's About Time!

It's been over a year, but by golly I've finally done it! I haven't done this technique in over a year before I started blogging, but I thought it would be nice to start this up again... Bring on the water marbling! Keep in mind it has been a while, and I know I need to re-learn how to dip my fingers and how to clean up without interrupting the design, but I just wanted to show my progress with you as I go along :).

My base color was White On The Spot by Milani and the 2 colors I used to create this swirled marble are Signature Gold and Dark Coffee by Milani.
Have you ever tried water marbling? Do you enjoy the concept behind water marbling? Let me know your opinions!

Peace & Love,

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Mini Naild'It Unique Nail Polish Sunday Swatch Spam

How is everything going my beautiful people?! It feels like FOREVER since I've made a blog post and I've pretty much gave up on the 31 day challenge because I've fallen so far behind. But anyways, I have 3 beautiful Naild'It Unique Nail Polish's to show you guys on this relaxing Sunday afternoon.

First up is Candy Wrapper which consists of rainbow matte hexagonal and shredded glitter of different sizes in a white creme base. My swatches were only 2 coats worn alone topped with a coat of Gelous, but can be worn over white if desired :).  The name of this polish goes perfect with the polish itself! Totally reminds me of what a child's bag of Halloween candy looks like 2 weeks after getting it with the torn chocolate and bubblegum wrappers and the crushed bits of lollipops hanging out in the bottom. Applied beautifully and dried quickly.
Next is Rock N Dot Fusion which consists of black and white bar glitters, black and white and hot pink hexagonal and square glitters of different sizes, and black and hot pink shapes hidden within such as stars, flowers, and even hearts in a clear base. No matter how hard I looked I could not see any of these hidden shapes when looking at the bottle and was shocked when they showed up on the nail! I applied 1 coat of Rock N Dot Fusion over 2 coats of Bubblegum Pink by Sally Hansen. There was no need for fishing or special application required with this polish. Definitely my favorite of the bunch & I can't wait to try it over other colors.
Lastly is Berryeed Treasure which consists of black and white bar glitters, turquoise, black, purple, and white hexagonal glitters of various sizes, purple holographic hexagonal glitter, and purple microglitter in a clear base. Don't quote me on this, but I believe that this polish is retired. I layered 1 coat of Berryeed Treasure over 2 coats of Caribbean Frost by Wet N' Wild. I wish I would have layered it over a creme because the metallic base distracts from the beauty of this polish. This polish is super sparkly and is a great way to spice up any manicure.
The Naild'It Unique Nail Polish etsy shop is currently closed, but be sure to Like them on Facebook for restock information, sneak peeks, and deals. Naild'It may also be purchased from Llarowe, Mei Mei's Signature, and even Overall Beauty!

Peace & Love,
*Some products provided for my honest review*

Sunday, 17 March 2013

31 Day Challenge pt. 2 - Day 12: Stripes

Hi guys! The theme for day 12 is striped nails. The first concept I was going to do for this theme was a matte black vs. shiny black stripes. But when I started laying the striping tape down I fell in love with the look. The black I used is Nevermore by Cult Nails and this purple holographic striping tape is from the Born Pretty Store. Hope you all enjoy this look!
Peace & Love,

31 Day Challenge pt. 2 - Day 11: Polka Dots

The theme for the eleventh day of the challenge is polka dot nails. I think polka dots are the easiest nails to accomplish whether you're a beginner to doing nails which is why I love it! The colors I used to accomplish this look is To-Teally Chic by Finger Paints, Liquid Vinyl and Blue Collar by Orly, and Dandy Lyin' Around by China Glaze (which I will be reviewing soon).
 Peace & Love,

31 Day Challenge pt. 2 - Day 10: Gradient

The theme for day 10 is gradient nails. I didn't have makeup sponges to accomplish a gradient, so I improvised and used a dish sponge to mimic the look. I don't think it came out as great as it would have with a makeup sponge, but it is still beautiful! The colors I used to accomplish this look were Lavender Highlight by Finger Paints and Plum Noir by Orly.
Peace & Love,