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Flat Iron Experts - Karmin G3 Salon Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Review

As  you can tell by the title, I'll be sharing my personal thoughts on the Karmin G3 Salon Pro Tourmaline Ceramic flat iron which can be found at Flat Iron Experts. This flat iron comes in 3 shades which are pink, black, and white (which is the colour I received). The product was shipped in less than a week, which is by far the fastest I've ever received a package for something of this size within Canada.

Let me just start off by saying how beautiful the packaging is! I really appreciate all the details put into the packaging of this product, and will definitely be keeping it. On the back of the packaging you get a brief description of the product, the list of product features, and a list of what is included in the package.

When you first open the packaging, you see the carrying bag which contains the flat iron (which is beautiful & great for traveling and storage), an instruction manual with tips on how to achieve straight, curly, and flipped hair with this iron, and a unique product registration code to verify the authenticity of your iron and begin your 3 year warranty (yes, 3 YEARS!!).

Now, on to the iron! On the top and sides of the iron you see the company's logo (Don't mind the rubbed off logo on the sides). The on/off switch and temperature control are all in one switch. The temperature of this iron ranges from 248°F to 460°F, which is more than hot enough for any hair type. When you switch the iron you will see a flashing red light, and when it reaches the desired temperature the flashing will stop & the light will stabilize. I kid you not, in less than 10 seconds the iron is already hot, and in less than 30 seconds it is ready for use. This iron also has a 2.5 meter swivel cord to prevent tangling, and is dual voltage; meaning it can be used in every country!

To test this iron, I decided to straighten my Rosa Hair Products Brazilian Virgin Curly hair. Prior to straightening this hair with the Karmin G3 Salon Pro flat iron, my hair was blow-dried and curled with flexi rods. The before pictures are with my hair brushed out using a large paddle brush. 

Here are my results after using the flat iron (with the assistance of a heat protectant). I could see a significant difference in how straight my hair got in comparison to the last time I straightened it (which can be seen here). I can see that the hair does not look as "poofy" as it did when I last straightened it, and there were no kinks! 

24 hours later
24 hours later
I also received the White Sands Stuck Up Mega Hold Styling Spray. Since I already straightened my hair, I wanted to avoid putting more heat on my hair or teasing it, so I busted out my good old practice mannequin. I started out with the concept of doing an updo on short hair, but then it became... eh. I teased the middle section of the hair, then smoothed out the outer sides before securing it with the hairspray and bobby pins. At first when sprayed, the hair may appear somewhat shiny, but it fades after a few minutes. The hair is firm after it is sprayed, but not hard and crunchy like some other sprays I've used. Also, when I brushed the hair out after, there was no flakes or residue left on the hair which I greatly appreciate!

 I highly recommend this flat iron to people of all hair types! My hair is naturally very course in texture, and it was able to get my hair pin straight to match the texture of my extensions. Not to mention that this Rosa Hair Products hair I currently have installed is curly, but no kinks whatsoever was left even after being curled with flexi rods. I'd also recommend this hairspray to anyone in search of a good brand that will get the job done, without flaking up afterwards. The Karmin G3 Salon Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron can be purchased for $159.99 Canadian, and the White Sands Stuck Up Mega Hold Styling Spray can be purchased for $19.99 Canadian. Shipping is free on all orders to the US and Canada over $50. Also, if you make your purchase in the month of April you will receive 20% off all orders over $100!

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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Jordane Cosmetics - S&R Series Eyeshadow Palette Swatches & Review

Hello guys! Today I will quickly be showing you the Jordane S&R Series eyeshadow palette and a quick little neutral eye look that I tried out.

The S&R palette is mainly has mainly neutral colors that would look gorgeous on all skin tones, along with some other deep metallics that are sure to make your eye's pop! I'm nowhere near an expert when it comes to makeup, but these are pretty darn good quality in my opinion.

Majority of the eye shadows are super pigmented as seen below, especially the matte ones! These also feel really smooth, & did not crease with an entire day's wear.

I used the metallic gold, along with two of the brown shadows (mixed with a hint of black) to create this "look".

I absolutely love this palette & can't wait to try out more looks with this palette. I myself am super stoked to see what other products from this company are like! I hope I introduced some of you guys to an amazing company, and if you like what you see, feel free to check out their site & social networking sites to see how you could go about getting your hands on their products!

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My Nail OOPS!

Welp, my nails have been short for about a month now, and I think I'd show you guys why. Around the beginning of March (when my nails were super long) I had the nail on my index finger break while I was in the middle of a huge swatchfest, so I just decided that I would do a gel nail until it grew back.

But after I did that one nail, I could tell it looked odd & didn't fit in with the rest, so I just chopped off the rest of my nails and did a full gel set... BIG MISTAKE.

I ended up breaking off the pinky gel nail extremely badly, forcing me to remove the others. My nail bed was bruised SO badly & hurt, and my nails were extremely thin. I spent this entire month taking care of my nails, trying to get them back to their original strong state, and I believe I'm almost there!

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Sally Hansen - I ♥ Nail Art Tool Kit Review

Hola everyone! I am still apart of nubbin-nation as you can see, but I got tired of not posting, so I decided to say "who cares" and flaunt em! Today I'll just be doing a quick review of the Sally Hansen  I ♥ Nail Art Tool Kit.

The kit includes:
  • 1 dotting tool
  • 1 striping brush
  • 1 detail brush
  • Sheet of nail stencils

The polishes I used are Lincoln Park After Dark and Alpine Snow by OPI. On my index & middle finger I used the stencils, on my ring finger I used the dotting tool, and on my pinky I used the striping brush.

I found the stencils to be extremely fragile (as the triangle one seen above ripped due to fine lines), and need some improvement. Small items on the stencils, such as the bow seen above work great, but I found that the larger stencils lift from the nail on one side due to the curve of your nail. The striping brush and dotting tool work just as well as ones twice the size. All of these tools are mini sized, making nail art easy when on the go, but not so small that they are too hard to work with. Overall I would recommend this kit to beginners with nail art, and to people that would like to just throw it in their purse and go!

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Rosa Hair Products - Brazilian Virgin Curly Hair Review

Good afternoon dolls! Today I have a very... different review for you guys. This is my first EVER hair review I'm posting up on the blog & it's for a company called Rosa Hair Products! I found this company from a site called Aliexpress that sells lots of beauty, fashion, & entertainment products at an affordable price.

Rosa Hair Products is based in China and sells a variety of human hair extensions, wigs, and closures. The type of hair I purchased was the Brazilian Virgin Curly, despite the listing only saying "virgin brazilian" and the product details stating that it is a loose wavy pattern. I chose the virgin curly because I couldn't find much reviews on this texture and I hoped it would be helpful for someone. I ordered one of the 3 bundle deals they have available, and I chose bundles in the lengths 16, 18, & 20 inches.

My hair arrived to me 4 business days after ordering via DHL (I ordered on a Tuesday night which means it was processed Wednesday morning, and it arrived the following Monday). These are what my bundles looked like when I first received them (in order from longest to shortest bundle). At a glance these bundles look super small & make you question whether or not you have enough, but it is more than enough (as you will see below). The curl pattern straight out of the packaging is waay looser than how curly it becomes after the first watch (and every wash after that), however, my 16 inch bundle had a looser curl pattern than the other bundles and was an inch shorter than it was supposed to be. The ends of the hair felt pretty dry, but it's an easy fix by adding moisture or trimming the ends.The color the hair comes in is a natural dark brown (about a color #2), but can be dyed to achieve your desired color.

I've had my hair installed for over a month and have a pretty good understanding of this hair & whether or not it's worth this buy. This hair has been extremely easy to work with, despite my laziness some days and the trials I've put this hair through. This hair barely sheds, and tangling is very minimal. The only time I ever got tangling is when I went multiple nights without wrapping my hair up or braiding it. Even then, all I needed to detangle the hair was my wide-toothed comb & my spray bottle with water. In addition to that, I would apply a small amount of Garnier Fructis Split-End Serum once a week. Very low maintenance and great for those new to virgin hair. Not to mention what a BEAUTIFUL curl pattern! I am 5'0 (Yes I'm a shortie), and when I stretch the hair out, it reaches right above my butt.

First off let me say that this hair IS steam-processed in order to get this curl pattern, so if you keep adding heat to it, the curls WILL loosen up. I straightened my hair using my KQC Red Devil straightening iron from along with the KQC heat protectant spray. It took me a little over 30 minutes to straighten, & the hair was still full looking by the time I was finished. I don't like pin straight hair, so I was glad that this hair still had texture by the time I was finished. When this hair is straightened it is SUPER soft, I couldn't stop running my fingers through the hair. It didn't tangle at all, and the hair does curl back up at the next wash. My leave-out blends flawlessly with this hair (in both states) & my hair is natural.

Left side natural brushed out state, right side straightened

Overall I am very pleased with the hair I got from Rosa Hair Products, especially for the price! The hair is very soft, easy to maintain, full looking, and never came with a weird scent as I've heard some ladies say about other hair companies. Also no dye ran off the hair when I washed it which gave me faith & trust in this company, as I have had that happened to me with other companies that claim that the hair is "virgin". Overall hair rating is a 8/10, my only complaint is the dry ends.

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