Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Nail Art August: #2 Guyana Flag

Hello fellow polish junkies! Today's installment to Nail Art August is the Guyana flag. For those of you who don't know, my background nationality is Guyanese and this nails were inspired by the flag. The timing for these nails were perfect considering that an event called Caribana passed this following weekend.

Caribana is a HUGE parade that happens once a year in Toronto to celebrate the people of the Caribbean. Millions from all around the world come each year to come out for a fun weekend where you can join in with your costume and dance, barbeque, or even just stop in for a look. Here are some pictures of what the experience is like!

It really is beautiful, if you haven't been before you definitely should come next year!

Here is a picture of what the Guyana Flag looks like, and here is what my nails looked like:

How did you think I did? Let me know :)

Peace & Love,
-- TPJ <3

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