Friday, 31 May 2013

Born Pretty Store - Stamping Plate m65 Review

Good evening everyone! This week has been pretty hectic school wise, and my niece was born so I've been doing a little less blogging this week, but I'm ready to get back in action! Today I have another product from the Born Pretty Store to share with you guys, and something about this product will either be a hit or a miss for people.

I received the m65 stamping plate which is supposed to be an exact copy of the Konad m65 stamping plate. As all stamping plates do, a blue protective plastic protected the plate from scratches, and can easily be removed with tweezers before use. When I first got the stamp, I immediately noticed how small it was compared to other plates on the market (comparison photo below). I also noticed that there was no protective backing on the plates, making the edges very sharp to the touch.

To test this plate I did a manicure starting off with Prince Charming by Orly as my base, then stamped over it with Nevermore by Cult Nails.

I also tested the rest of the designs out on paper to see how they all work, and here were my results.

Besides the fact that the images are very small compared to most plates, the quality of the designs are pretty good especially for the price. The details in each design are etched fairly well, and the design will be able to cover your nails if they are the same length as my nails currently or shorter. Besides the things listed at the beginning of the post, I have no complaints!

The Stamping Plate m65 cost $2.99 with free shipping, but Daisy has provided me with a coupon for you guys to make the deal even sweeter! If you use the code "SKL91" during checkout you will receive an additional 10% off your purchase from the Born Pretty Store for all of your nail art needs.

Don't forget to stay in touch with the Born Pretty Store for more deals and updates!
Link to Stamping Plate m65:

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Rainbow Honey - FAB Summer Set Swatches & Review

Today I have Rainbow Honey's brand new limited edition FAB Summer set to show you guys, and I think you will like what you see! Just so I do not sound repetitive, the application on all 3 polishes was great and dried fairly quickly.

First up is Tenda which consists of a golden shimmer in a bright kelly green base. My swatches are 2 coats worn alone, but it was almost good enough to be worn alone in only 1! This polish is not as neon looking in real life as it is shown in the photos, and is a tad bit darker.

Next up is Schrammi which also consists of a golden shimmer, but in a deep coral base. My swatches are 2 coats worn alone.
Lastly is Costa del Sol which is a glitter top coat which consists of holographic hexagonal and bar glitters and iridescent glitters in a clear base. My swatches are 1 coat of Costa del Sol layered over 2 coats of both Tenda and Schrammi.

The FAB Summer Set is now available through for a limited time only. Each set contains 3 full size 15ml nail lacquers designed exclusively for FAB by Rainbow Honey. $25. While supplies last. For more information visit

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*Products sent for my honest review*

Sunday, 26 May 2013

NCLA - Aqua & So LA Nail Wraps

Hello and Happy Memorial Day weekend to all of my Americans! Today I have 2 sets of nail wraps by NCLA to show you guys that I think you will enjoy, so sit back and relax!

Each set of nail wraps comes with 2 sheets of 22 wraps which can do 3-4 full manicures, along with a nail file. I was actually impressed with the nail file it comes with. It's not a cheap tiny file like the ones you would expect to use and throw away, it's just like the file I use one a regular basis so that is an added bonus. There are also easy to follow instructions founds on the back of each package of wraps.

The first set I decided to wear was the Aqua nail wraps which is a rectangle color blocking design with colors such as aqua, teal, cobalt blue, orange, yellow-orange, red, and brown. This was my first time ever using nail wraps, so I did have trouble laying them down completely flat (mostly because I was rushing to put them on). The first 3 photos are after I first applied the wraps, and the last 3 photos are after a week of wear. I wash dishes at least twice a day everyday, and have a bad habit of tapping my nails and picking at them, so I think these wraps held up pretty good! I could have worn this manicure for a bit longer because the worn out tips were only noticeable up close, but I was anxious to try the So LA nail wraps. The wraps WILL last longer if applied properly and top coated.


When you think of Los Angeles, some things that come to mind are palm trees, shopping, fashion, & beauty, and the So LA nail wraps definitely capture some of that. The So LA nail wraps consist of palm trees amongst the different stages of sunset. When it came time to apply the So LA nail wraps, it was much easier for me to do. These wraps scream summer in my opinion and might be my favorite of the two sets.

I think these nail wraps are perfect for vacations, or when you just want beautiful nails and don't want to wait on the dry time! The wear time is phenomenal, the application is very easy to follow, the designs they have to offer are very original, and I believe the price is amazing for the amount of manicures you can achieve from just one set in comparison to going to a spa. I received a huge number of compliments (and strangers just grabbing my hand and staring in awe) when wearing both sets, and would certainly recommend them.

NCLA Nail Wraps can be purchased from for $16.00 a set with free shipping. Don't forget to "Like" NCLA and Nail Polish Canada on Facebook for updates, deals, and photos!

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 *Products sent for my honest review*

Thursday, 23 May 2013

KBShimmer - Summer 2013 Collection Press Release

KBShimmer Summer Polish Line Set For Release June 1st, 2013

KBShimmer is excited to announce the addition of 9 new colors to their 3-Free glitter polish line and an expansion to their nail prep line.  Owner Christy Rose says “With warm weather and sandals popping up, June is the perfect time for bright, bold colors and patriotic themes to celebrate a fun and exciting summer.”

The summer lineup includes one glitter top coat, two glitter crellys in a white base and six bright, bold polishes, two in a matte finish.  KBShimmer will also be expanding their nail care line to include two scented cuticle oils and liquid nail prep. “Our new line was created to play off the bolder palette of summer, some inspired by the 80’s and 90s, but also to celebrate the patriotic season. One of our polishes plays off the color of the year, Emerald Green, and will ease people into the summer while two others were inspired by the fall 2013 Pantone colors Koi and Vivacious. Both will make for an easy transition through the summer and into the fall.  We are also excited to unveil two scented cuticle oils in an easy-applicator pen.  We hope to inspire and motivate people to go out in the sun and show off their nails!” says Rose.


What’s Your Damage? – White crelly polish with neon green, neon pink, and black glitters.

Don’t Pink Twice –Bright near magenta pink with subtle blue shimmer - matte

24 Carrot Bold –Orange red polish with gold shimmer - matte

Blinded By The Bright – Neon yellow polish with a scattering of hex glitters in the 6 primary and secondary colors

The Dancing Green –A almost neon green with blue undertones, accented by fuchsia, sapphire,  green and chartreuse glitters in different shapes and sizes

Totally Tubular – A blue-green crelly polish with fuchsia circle glitters in two sizes and fuchsia micro slices, aqua circle glitters and sapphire hex glitters.

Totally Razzical – A red-violet shade leaning towards the purple side of raspberry. Loaded with holographic hex glitters in magenta, silver and pink.

Grayscale – Black, White, and Gray glitters are suspended in a clear base. Circles, hexes, rectangles, and squares in so many sizes complete this glitter top coat.

Pimp My Pride – This white based polish features metallic red and blue glitters. Best worn in three coats, or 1-2 coats over your favorite white.

KBShimmer products can be found at Http://  For sales outside of the US visit

KBShimmer was founded in 2008 by the husband and wife team of Jason and Christy Rose.  KBShimmer offers unique and colorful nail glitter nail polishes that are Big 3 Free, with all glitter formulas being completely free of chemicals such as toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and dibutyl phthalate (DBP).  KBShimmer glitter polishes feature a flat glitter grabbing brush for easy application.  KBShimmer also offers a 2-free quick dry polish top coat, olive oil lotion, sugar scrubs, lip balms, cold process soaps and other skin care products.

If you would like more information about KBShimmer, contact Christy Rose by emailing or visting Http://

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Silver Holo Comparison - Color Club vs. NFU OH

Take a look at this photo, can you see any differences??? No? Didn't think so.

Well how about this photo? A little bit of difference? Hmm...

Well what about THESE photos?! Huge difference guys. As the title suggests, today's post is a silver holographic polish comparison between NFU OH #61 and Color Club Harp On It. For all of you that are as involved in the nail polish world as I am, you probably already know which polish is which without me even having to tell you! On my index and ring finger is 2 coats of #61, and on my middle finger and pinky is 2 coats of Harp On It. Even though years ago people debated that #61 was the best silver holo around, I would beg to differ! Unless I got a bad batch ( I got my bottle 1-2 years ago, not when they first came out), than there's not much going on with #61. But to be fair I did take an outside photo because as we all know, you never know the true effect of a holo until you are in the sun.

In the sun, the holo in #61 is a bit more apparent, but is nothing in comparison to Harp On It!

 In the shade, #61 looks like a very opaque matted silver polish, whereas Harp On It looks like a shiny silver with gold shimmer. The holo in #61 is more of a subtle look which is great for certain occasions, but Harp On It has enough holo to make you want to smack your momma (hehehe)! The application on #61 was a bit streaky, but the application of Harp On It was flawless. These polishes are clearly not dupes, and I do think they are both great additions to any collection because they are extremely different. As I acquire more silver holographics, I will make an updated posts so you can find the perfect holo to fit your taste and personality.

Peace & Love,