Sunday, 26 May 2013

NCLA - Aqua & So LA Nail Wraps

Hello and Happy Memorial Day weekend to all of my Americans! Today I have 2 sets of nail wraps by NCLA to show you guys that I think you will enjoy, so sit back and relax!

Each set of nail wraps comes with 2 sheets of 22 wraps which can do 3-4 full manicures, along with a nail file. I was actually impressed with the nail file it comes with. It's not a cheap tiny file like the ones you would expect to use and throw away, it's just like the file I use one a regular basis so that is an added bonus. There are also easy to follow instructions founds on the back of each package of wraps.

The first set I decided to wear was the Aqua nail wraps which is a rectangle color blocking design with colors such as aqua, teal, cobalt blue, orange, yellow-orange, red, and brown. This was my first time ever using nail wraps, so I did have trouble laying them down completely flat (mostly because I was rushing to put them on). The first 3 photos are after I first applied the wraps, and the last 3 photos are after a week of wear. I wash dishes at least twice a day everyday, and have a bad habit of tapping my nails and picking at them, so I think these wraps held up pretty good! I could have worn this manicure for a bit longer because the worn out tips were only noticeable up close, but I was anxious to try the So LA nail wraps. The wraps WILL last longer if applied properly and top coated.


When you think of Los Angeles, some things that come to mind are palm trees, shopping, fashion, & beauty, and the So LA nail wraps definitely capture some of that. The So LA nail wraps consist of palm trees amongst the different stages of sunset. When it came time to apply the So LA nail wraps, it was much easier for me to do. These wraps scream summer in my opinion and might be my favorite of the two sets.

I think these nail wraps are perfect for vacations, or when you just want beautiful nails and don't want to wait on the dry time! The wear time is phenomenal, the application is very easy to follow, the designs they have to offer are very original, and I believe the price is amazing for the amount of manicures you can achieve from just one set in comparison to going to a spa. I received a huge number of compliments (and strangers just grabbing my hand and staring in awe) when wearing both sets, and would certainly recommend them.

NCLA Nail Wraps can be purchased from for $16.00 a set with free shipping. Don't forget to "Like" NCLA and Nail Polish Canada on Facebook for updates, deals, and photos!

Peace & Love,
 *Products sent for my honest review*

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