Tuesday, 14 May 2013

May Glitter Guilty Pleasures Box Review

Hello everyone, hope all of you mothers out there had an amazing Mother's Day this past Sunday! Today I have a new to me indie brand subscription box called the Glitter Guilty Pleasures Box to show you guys that I think you will enjoy, so stay tuned.

The Glitter Guilty Pleasures Box includes a full size “Monthly Me” polish which is a polish made specifically for you based on the information you submit during the registry process. When signing up you can let it be known what polish finishes and colors you like and dislike so you are sure to get a polish you will love. The box will also include a “Monthly Mini” which is a mini sized polish that goes out to everyone that is subscribed. You will also receive 1-2 guilty pleasures in your box each month, usually artisan chocolates in the cooler months, or in the warmer months you will get a non-melting treat.

This is what my subscription box looked like when I first opened it. I love how custom polish comes wrapped up in paper to look like a piece of candy, so when you open it up you get a sweet surprise ;) (See what I did there?!? :p ).

Here is the box after I unwrapped my sweet surprise! The names of my polishes are Slightly Psychological (the full size) and Party Hearty (the mini). The chocolate I received was milk chocolate with a hint of sea salt. I'm usually extremely picky when it comes to what I eat, but I actually really enjoyed the taste of it! The salt is not overpowering and balances with the sweetness of the chocolate. On to the polish!

This is Slightly Psychological which consists of neon pink and reddish-orange hexagonal glitters, reddish-orange shredded glitter, and tiny white square glitters in a purple jelly base. My swatches are 2 coats worn alone.

This is Party Hearty which consists of a bunch of neon glitters of different shapes and sizes, and tiny holographic glitters in a clear base. This polish is meant for layering, and after narrowing down my base color options I finally decided to layer it over another neon! My swatches are 2 coats of Party Hearty layered over 2 coats of Orange Punch by Orly.

I LOVE  the two polishes I got! Party Hearty stole my heart at first glance with all that neon goodness, but I must admit I underestimated Slightly Psychological. The color combination is not one I would have ever imagined but it looks great, and I love the jelly finish. I think the Glitter Guilty Pleasures Box is an amazing deal, especially because of the quality of the polishes! Most full sized indie polishes retail for $8-$14 each BEFORE shipping , with custom polishes costing a bit more than that. But for $15.99 you get a one of a kind polish, a beautiful mini polish, and delicious treats. I would definitely recommend!

The regular subscription is $15.99/month which includes shipping (Unless you live outside the US, contact her for more info because you too can subscribe!), but you also have the option of choosing the length of your subscription whether it be month-to-month, three months, or six months, and you may cancel whenever you like. Glitter Guilty also offers polishes on her site that can be purchased without a subscription, whenever you like! For more information on Glitter Guilty and the Glitter Guilty Pleasures Box please go to http://www.glitterguilty.com/. Don't forget to like Glitter Guilty on Facebook as well for sneak peeks, swatches, and contests.

Peace & Love,
*Products sent for my honest review*

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  1. I think I like your Slightly Psychological better than my Erratic Behavior. Awesome swatches!