Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Nail Growth Journey - Day 7

I'm so sorry for the delay with these upcoming posts, but better late then never right?!? These photo's are from Friday August 24th, 2012. This is how much my nails have grown within 7 days with some TLC!

I can already tell that my nails have gotten much stronger and have grown out a little bit. All I have been using is my good old cuticle oil and hand creams almost every day. At this rate, I'll be nubbin free in no time flat!

Peace & Love,
-- TPJ<3

Monday, 20 August 2012

Nail Art August: #8 Stripes

Okay I know I'm not the only nail blogger that does this, but right before removing my previous mani, I decided "why not try something out on top of it?".

I created this colorful stripe manicure using Milani nail art brushes in the colors:
-705 Draw in Pink
-707 Blue Print
-708 Yellow Design
-709 Green Sketch
-711 Orange Graph

I personally like the vertical and diagonal versions opposed to the horizontal, but it is all beautiful none the less & very easy to do! I like how bold these colors are and how nicely they apply. I'm not gonna lie though, some of the brushes have "fly away's" if that's what you want to call them, and that can ruin your perfect line if you don't fix it. Other than that, no complaints over here! Will you try some crazy stripes too?

Peace & Love,

Milani Natural Touch & Gold

Is anyone else just ready for summer to be OVER?! Well I sure am, and my nails are too! On my nails is Milani 21A Natural Touch, and Milani 531 Gold on my ring finger as an accent. Natural Touch is a beautiful milk chocolate polish that would look beautiful on any skin tone. Gold is one of many of their large hexagonal glitter polishes and can be worn over another polish or alone. Believe it or not, but this is just ONE coat of each polish! (Wait, WHAT?!) Yes, just one. It applied very smoothly and dried extremely fast when I topped it off with Milani's top coat. I highly recommend this to everyone because although it is simple, it still is beautiful. I'm glad I made this combo and I will try it again when I get my "claws" back :p.

Peace & Love,

Darling Diva Polish - 13th Colony Swatches & Review

Today's polish review is now one of my favorites of my whole collection! This is Darling Diva Polish in the color 13th Colony. This polish is made up of copper, green, blue, and white glitter of different sizes.

This time I decided to swatch it on top of another polish. This is one coat over Sally Hansen Blue Me Away.

I was very impressed with the application of this polish. The amount of glitter that got onto the nail in one coat was amazing, and there was no need for special application! You can achieve full coverage in 2-3 coats depending on personal preference.

These polishes range between $8 - $12. Darling Diva Polishes can be purchased at her etsy store found here . You may also reach her on her Facebook page found here.

Peace & Love,

*This polish was sent for an honest review*

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Darling Diva Polish - 51 Shades of HELL NO! Swatches and Review

Let me just start off today's post by saying I LOVE the name of this polish :p . Today I have to show you 51 Shades of HELL NO! by Darling Diva Polish . This is a lime green holographic polish with a twist-- glitter! It contains different sizes of teal, blue, fuchsia, and holographic hex glitter which compliments the base color very nicely.

On my nails i used 3 coats to obtain complete opaqueness.

These photos were all taken in the sunlight to display the holo-goodness in different stages.

These bottle shots simply did not do this polish justice, so I took a quick video to show you its true potential!

The next time I wear this polish I will try layering it over a different polish to see how it affects the outcome. I personally wish more holo was in this, but I guess it would take away from the glitter inside of it so it is perfect the way it is. Some of the glitters did not lay flat and I would recommend a good topcoat with this polish. The application was smooth and it dried quickly.

Darling Diva Polish can be purchased at her etsy shop found here which will be reopening tomorrow Sunday August 19th, 2012.

Peace & Love,

*This polish was sent for my honest review*

Darling Diva Polish - Roller Girl swatches and review

Hello my precious Junkies! Today's polish that I have to show you is Roller Girl by Darling Diva Polish. It is an amazing charcoal jelly almost packed with lots of colorful glitter.

 (Look how beautiful it is in the bottle!) 

For my nails I used 4 coats to get it how I like it, but full coverage can be made in 3 coats. 

All in all, I love this polish. It applied smoothly, I did not need a top coat, and it dried really quickly. It was kind of sheer looking during the first 2 coats but I believe building the layers of this polish is totally worth it opposed to layering it over a similar color.

Darling Diva Polishes can be purchased at her etsy shop here which will be reopening tomorrow Sunday August 19th, 2012 in the late afternoon. You can also interact with her on her facebook page found here

Peace & Love,

*This polish was sent for my honest review*

Nail Growth Journey

Hello and good morning everyone! As some of you may know already, my nail broke unfortunately so I decided to cut them all off and start fresh *moment of silence for those great nails*. LOL. I decided to blog about growing my nails back this time so we see exactly how long it takes and if what products I'm using is helping or hurting the growth.

The start date was yesterday ( Friday August 17th) and I will check back every 7 days with a comparison picture to see the difference.

Day 1:

 Peace & Love,

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Deal Alert! Layla Hologram Effects

Sorry for my lack of posting this week but I'm sick and just don't have the energy to edit, but I HAD to tell you about this deal. Right now if you sign up for Sneakpeeq using this link here you will receive a $10 off coupon, and layla's are currently on sale for $15. After discounts and shipping you only pay $10 for a beautiful holo polish. Go now, this deal won't last long!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Nail Art August: #7 Fish Tail Mani

I wasn't planning on posting anything this weekend, but since I had the time I decided why not. Tonight's post is an all purple fish tail manicure inspired by Lucy's Stash and her easy to follow tutorial which can be found on google. I thought it was gonna be super hard to do but it really is easy! Next time I hope to make my lines neater though :). These polishes are all Milani. 

A few hours later I looked at my nails and thought it was missing a little something. So I added a coat of Milani's "Hot Pink" which is a very sheer pink polish. I loved the final look!

Have you ever tried these nails? If so post them on my Facebook page , I would love to see!

Peace & Love,
--TPJ <3

Friday, 10 August 2012

Nail Art August: #6 Striping FAIL

*Sigh* Everyone say hello to today's epic fail at striping ( in my opinion at least). The only reason I classify this as a fail is because I knew what I wanted my nails to look like and this was NOT it! I wanted nice, thin, clean lines. But because I didn't have striping tape I tried to cut regular tape as small as I possibly could, but clearly it was not small enough. The color I put over the rainbow gradient to achieve this look is Orly's 'Mysterious Curse' which is extremely GORGEOUS and this manicure does not do it justice at all. I will be trying this again once I buy some striping tape, mark my words.....
Peace & Love,
--TPJ <3

Nail Art August: #5 Rainbow Gradient

Hello there my lovely lacquer heads! Today's Nail Art August was inspired by one of my very old manicures that was inspired by a woman named Colette Walters, also known as "My Simple Little Pleasures". However, this time I only used the gradient part of her Acid Leopard Nail Art Tutorial which is very simple to achieve. I did this look knowing that I wanted to put something on top of it, but I just didn't know what. I'll post again once I figure out what design will go on top of this pretty rainbow!

 Peace & Love,
--TPJ <3

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Nail Art August: #4 Dotticure

Hey there :p ! Today's blog post is gonna be short and sweet. Today's Nail Art August post is a very simple but cute dot manicure. I LOVE this color comb, but sadly I cannot remember the name of the base color because my friend has it (epic fail). These nails remind me of a dress I used to own. But enough talking, to the pictures!

Wanna see other manicures like this? We'll myself and some other bloggers have teamed up to make a weekend dotticure collabo. Check them out below!

Peace & Love,

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Nail Art August: #3 Black and White

Hello fellow polish junkies! This installment of Nail Art August is some nail art I've done prior to this event, but never blogged about. This mani was inspired by all the latest fashion trends right now done in only black and white polish. I probably will give each of these an individual mani within the month so you may see what the full look will be.

Which pattern would you like to see first? Comment below and let me know!

Peace & Love,
--TPJ <3

Nail Art August: #2 Guyana Flag

Hello fellow polish junkies! Today's installment to Nail Art August is the Guyana flag. For those of you who don't know, my background nationality is Guyanese and this nails were inspired by the flag. The timing for these nails were perfect considering that an event called Caribana passed this following weekend.

Caribana is a HUGE parade that happens once a year in Toronto to celebrate the people of the Caribbean. Millions from all around the world come each year to come out for a fun weekend where you can join in with your costume and dance, barbeque, or even just stop in for a look. Here are some pictures of what the experience is like!

It really is beautiful, if you haven't been before you definitely should come next year!

Here is a picture of what the Guyana Flag looks like, and here is what my nails looked like:

How did you think I did? Let me know :)

Peace & Love,
-- TPJ <3