Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Rosa Hair Products - Brazilian Virgin Curly Hair Review

Good afternoon dolls! Today I have a very... different review for you guys. This is my first EVER hair review I'm posting up on the blog & it's for a company called Rosa Hair Products! I found this company from a site called Aliexpress that sells lots of beauty, fashion, & entertainment products at an affordable price.

Rosa Hair Products is based in China and sells a variety of human hair extensions, wigs, and closures. The type of hair I purchased was the Brazilian Virgin Curly, despite the listing only saying "virgin brazilian" and the product details stating that it is a loose wavy pattern. I chose the virgin curly because I couldn't find much reviews on this texture and I hoped it would be helpful for someone. I ordered one of the 3 bundle deals they have available, and I chose bundles in the lengths 16, 18, & 20 inches.

My hair arrived to me 4 business days after ordering via DHL (I ordered on a Tuesday night which means it was processed Wednesday morning, and it arrived the following Monday). These are what my bundles looked like when I first received them (in order from longest to shortest bundle). At a glance these bundles look super small & make you question whether or not you have enough, but it is more than enough (as you will see below). The curl pattern straight out of the packaging is waay looser than how curly it becomes after the first watch (and every wash after that), however, my 16 inch bundle had a looser curl pattern than the other bundles and was an inch shorter than it was supposed to be. The ends of the hair felt pretty dry, but it's an easy fix by adding moisture or trimming the ends.The color the hair comes in is a natural dark brown (about a color #2), but can be dyed to achieve your desired color.

I've had my hair installed for over a month and have a pretty good understanding of this hair & whether or not it's worth this buy. This hair has been extremely easy to work with, despite my laziness some days and the trials I've put this hair through. This hair barely sheds, and tangling is very minimal. The only time I ever got tangling is when I went multiple nights without wrapping my hair up or braiding it. Even then, all I needed to detangle the hair was my wide-toothed comb & my spray bottle with water. In addition to that, I would apply a small amount of Garnier Fructis Split-End Serum once a week. Very low maintenance and great for those new to virgin hair. Not to mention what a BEAUTIFUL curl pattern! I am 5'0 (Yes I'm a shortie), and when I stretch the hair out, it reaches right above my butt.

First off let me say that this hair IS steam-processed in order to get this curl pattern, so if you keep adding heat to it, the curls WILL loosen up. I straightened my hair using my KQC Red Devil straightening iron from along with the KQC heat protectant spray. It took me a little over 30 minutes to straighten, & the hair was still full looking by the time I was finished. I don't like pin straight hair, so I was glad that this hair still had texture by the time I was finished. When this hair is straightened it is SUPER soft, I couldn't stop running my fingers through the hair. It didn't tangle at all, and the hair does curl back up at the next wash. My leave-out blends flawlessly with this hair (in both states) & my hair is natural.

Left side natural brushed out state, right side straightened

Overall I am very pleased with the hair I got from Rosa Hair Products, especially for the price! The hair is very soft, easy to maintain, full looking, and never came with a weird scent as I've heard some ladies say about other hair companies. Also no dye ran off the hair when I washed it which gave me faith & trust in this company, as I have had that happened to me with other companies that claim that the hair is "virgin". Overall hair rating is a 8/10, my only complaint is the dry ends.

Link to Brazilian Virgin Curly:
Link to Rosa Hair Products:

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*Products were purchased by me & all opinions are honest*

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Rainbow Honey - Random Polish Swatches & Review pt. 1

Hellooo everyone! Today's post is the first part of my Rainbow Honey review from some polishes that can currently be found in their shop. This post would have been posted earlier and only in one part, but that was before I had wrecked my nails BADLY. I'll do a seperate post about that later, but basically my nails didn't make it all the way through my swatching session and I refuse to post these train wreck nails. So, the second part of this post will go up as soon as I repair the damage I have done to my precious nails.

Anyways, on to the polish!

First up is Persephone which consists of gold and copper flecks in a red base. My swatches are 2 coats worn alone.

The next polish I have to show you is Be Mine from the Sweet Talk collection which consists of gold flecks in a pink crelly base. My swatches are 2 coats worn alone.

The last polish I have to show you for today is Sweet Talk from the collection of the same name which consists of pastel glitters in a white crelly base. My swatches are 2 coats worn with Gelous top coat.

All 3 polishes applied very easily & finish with a nice shine (I only added top coat to Sweet Talk to really make it POP)! I feel like I've seen so many polishes like Sweet Talk & Be Mine already, but I feel like Persephone is kinda unique. If you don't have any polishes like these already, I would definitely recommend them as the quality is great.

Rainbow Honey polishes can be purchased from, and other online retailers that sell their polishes which can be found  here! Don't forget to Like Rainbow Honey on Facebook & Twitter for updates, sneak peeks, swatches, and contests!

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*Products sent for my honest review*

Monday, 10 March 2014

Nicole by OPI - Teal Me Something New and This Blue Is So You! Swatches & Review

Hello! Today on the blog I will be showing you 2 of the 15 new polishes Nicole by OPI released for the year 2014! I received these and swatched these polishes a while back, but due to certain circumstances they didn't get posted -- Until now that is!

The first polish is called Teal Me Something New, and it is a teal creme polish. My swatches are 2 coats worn alone. If you've ever tried to photograph something teal, you would know that it is EXTREMELY difficult. My swatches appear more blue than it truly is, but in person it has a bit more green within it.

 Next up is This Blue Is So You! and it is a navy blue polish. On the first coat this polish has a jelly like finish, but after 2 coats you should have full coverage. My swatches are 2 coats worn alone.

 These polishes both apply very easily & are beautiful basic colors for your collection if you do not already own something similar. I can't wait to use these polishes as a base color for my stamping manicures because they are so bold, yet "safe" at the same time.

These polishes can be found in stores now in stores like Shoppers Drug Mart or Rexall (if you're from Canada) or CVS or Rite Aid (if you are from the US).

Peace & Love,
*Product(s) sent for my honest review*

Sunday, 9 March 2014

NailNation 3000 - Mini Swatch Spam & Review

Hellooo ladies & gentlemen ! I was lucky enough to be selected as one of Maria of NailNation 3000's bloggers for 2014, and today I have 4 polishes to show you that I'm positive will be to your liking! Just so I don't sound repetitive throughout the post, all swatches were 2 coats worn alone, however most if not all polishes can be worn with only one coat.

First up is Felicity, which consists of a pink color-shifting shimmer and holo in a brown base. This is by far one of the most unique holographic polishes I have ever seen. This is definitely one of those polishes that you have to see in person to appreciate it's true beauty!

Next is Board Walk Empire, which is a gorgeous dark blue holographic polish. This polish reminds me of a holographic version of Swimsuit Nailed It! by OPI.

Next up is Freak Sauce, which is a light red holographic polish. This polish will definitely mess with your eyes from time to time, as sometimes it appears a reddish-orange, and the next it can look like a coral shade.

Last (but certainly not least) is Share The Love, which is a hot pink holographic polish. This polish IS a single pour polish that was created as a tribute for the success of Maria's Share The Love event, so if you like what you see, you better snatch it up NOW before it's too late.

Along with these 4 polishes I received the Hawaiian Plumeria Cuticle Oil by NailNation 3000, which I believe is a new scent. I do apply the cuticle oil with a brush (as I don't trust myself with the dropper ahaha), but I do find the dropper helpful for when I need to refill my cuticle oil pen. I personally enjoy the scent, and it works really great on my dry cuticles.

All of these polishes applied beautifully and are GORGEOUS! No complaints at all with these polishes, they are definitely worth the buy!

Nail Nation 3000 polishes can be purchased from her StoreEnvy shop! Don't forget to Like NailNation on Facebook & Twitter for updates, sneak peeks, swatches, and contests!

Peace & Love,
*Product(s) sent for my honest review*