Monday, 1 April 2013

Born Pretty Store - 500pcs Clear Full Acrylic False Nail Tips Review

Good afternoon everyone! Today I have one more product to show you from the Born Pretty Store and I promise you this isn't a joke!

The 500pcs Clear Full Acrylic False Nail Tips came packaged in a giant ziplock baggie which contained 10 smaller baggies within it. Each bag is numbered from 1-10 and contains 50 nails of each size.

I got these nails because I knew I was going to use them to practice different types of nail art techniques and wanted to make swatch sticks with them. Here are some of the water marbles I created while practicing my technique using these nails. If you would like to know the exact colors I used for these marbles just ask below :)!

These nails are pretty strong and can be easily cut and filed. I did try wearing them on my actual nails and attached them using nail glue, they were very sturdy and would be great for week long manicures. The only negative thing I have to say about them is that if you do not cut or file the nails down, the number etched on the tips to let you know the size is still visible even after many coats of polish. One last thing I cannot stress enough is that if you choose to wear these without putting gel or acrylic over it, do NOT use acetone nail polish remover to try and change your polish, it WILL melt!
The 500pcs Clear Full Acrylic False Nail Tips cost $6.02 with free shipping, but Daisy has provided me with a coupon for you guys to make the deal even sweeter! If you use the code "SKL91" during checkout you will receive an additional 10% off your purchase from the Born Pretty Store for all of your nail art needs.
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*Some products sent for my honest review*

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  1. Love the water marbling on the acrylics - particularly the last as I'm afraid I'm a greens junkie.