Saturday, 13 April 2013

2012 Color Club Halo Hues Collection Swatches & Review

Howdy! Today I have the Color Club 2012 Halo Hues to show you guys. This collection consists of 6 linear holographic polishes. Just so I don't sound repetitive, all of my swatches are 2 coats of the polishes worn alone. Most of these could be worn in only one coat if you wanted, but I would recommend 2.

 First up is Harp On It which is the silver holo of the collection. A comparison between Harp On It and NFU OH #61 will be coming in the future do stay tuned for that.

Next up is Halo-Graphic which is a light pink holographic polish. I will also be doing a comparison with this color because it seems that some people believe that Color Club may have duped themselves, but is that really the case? We shall see!

Next is Cherubic which is a nice beige holographic polish. Definitely safe for work with a little kick to it!

Next up is Cloud Nine which is a lilac holographic polish. I don't know why, but in certain lighting situations for myself this polish looks semi-pink. Maybe the holo is just blinding me and I'm going cuckcoo.

This is Angel Kiss which is a very light green holographic polish.

Lastly is Blue Heaven which is a light blue holographic polish. This was the hardest for me to get photos of (because blues hate me), but believe me it is just as holographic as the other polishes.

The quality of these polishes are out of this world, especially for the price! There was no streaking what so ever and the dry time was very quick. I think all 6 of these colors are the basic holographic colors you expect to see in every holo collection, but these are done especially well. In comparison to the previous holographic polishes Color Club has made such as Revvvolution, the holo is much stronger in the halo hues and more uniformed whereas Revvvolution has more of a scattered holo look to it. I can't really pick my favorite of the bunch because I love them all and can't wait to play around with them some more!

The Color Club Halo Hues 2012 collection can be purchased from for only $39 with free shipping with purchases over $30 for US residents, but they do offer reasonably priced international shipping as well.

Peace & Love,
*Products sent for my honest review*


  1. Gorgeous swatches! I really, really need to get these.

  2. Meijers carries them now as well! $6.99 each. I wish they had darker colors, the pastels are all so similar.