Sunday, 24 November 2013

China Glaze - Dash of Dazzle Set Swatches & Review

Hello everyone! Today on the blog I have swatches of the 3 polishes that make up the Dash of Dazzle gift set (from the Happy HoliGlaze collection). Am I a nerd for laughing at this cute little note that the wonderful people at Nail Polish Canada sent with my polishes ? The three polishes that make up the Dash of Dazzle Set are Mingle With Kringle, Bells Will Be Blinging, and So Blue Without You.

Mingle With Kringle is a beautiful gold foil polish with little bronze bits of glitter. Most metallic polishes don't agree with my skin tone, but this color actually compliments me very well! Swatches are 2 coats of Mingle With Kringle worn alone.

Bells Will Be Blinging consists of light blue micro glitters, silver hexagonal glitters, and silver holographic bar glitters in a clear base. Swatches are 2 coats of Mingle With Kringle followed by 1 coat of Bells Will Be Blinging, and 2 coats of So Blue Without You followed by 1 coat of Bells Will Be Blinging. You can also achieve full coverage in 2-3 coats worn alone if applied properly.

Lastly is So Blue Without You which is a blue foil polish. Although I've heard many others complain about this polish being "too bright" for a holiday collection, I think it is just perfect for the winter months, as well as the summer months. When I first applied this polish the first things that came to my mind we're large bodies of frozen water, as well as the big ocean blue. Swatches are 2 coats worn alone.

I absolutely adored this polish, and wondered what it would look like as a holographic polish... So I applied 1 coat of Darling Diva Polish Dreamy topcoat and here were my results. LOVE!

I'm extremely glad I had the opportunity to try these polishes for myself. Seeing the swatches online does nothing in comparison to seeing what these polishes look like in person in my opinion. These polishes apply beautifully, but make sure not to have too much polish on the brush while painting, as it might flood your cuticles. I definitely have my eyes on a few other polishes from the Happy HoliGlaze that I need to get my hands on, and if they're half as good as these 3 polishes, then I just might scream!

The China Glaze Dash of Dazzle set can be purchased from for $15.00 with free shipping. Don't forget to "Like" China Glaze and Nail Polish Canada on Facebook for updates, deals, and photos!

Peace & Love,

 *Products sent for my honest review*


  1. Hi, I came here from Will Paints Nails for Food feedback form. Your nails are so lovely, your photos are great. I love that you have the search & follow buttons right at the top of your blog. My only suggestion is that I have to scroll left/right on your blog a fair amount to see the sidebars, not sure how feasible that is to fix though. Cheers!

  2. I also came here through Will Paints Nails for Food Bloggers' Bootcamp. Since you left the link to this particular post I can only say that I like that your descriptions are concise and photos are sharp. I don't own these polishes so I can't tell how true the colour is, but I'd expect it is quite true if your photos are this good. The only thing I don't like is the visible dry skin around your nails, which is something I'm also battling. I guess the cold weather is taking its toll on all of us.

    I don't have the issue behappyandbuypolish is having - having to scroll left and right. I guess she has square monitor and you have optimized your website for widescreen.

    1. That could definitely be it! :)

  3. I also came here from Will Paint Nails for Food feedback form, glad to find you! I love your pictures and think your writing is also lovely. The only note I have is I would love to be able to subscribe to your blog via email (I believe there is a widget for it in blogger).