Wednesday, 13 November 2013

My Nail Routine & Update

Happy Humpday! Today on the blog I'll be showing you my simple routine for maintaining healthy, strong nails on a budget.

No, I do not have the money to be buying  a million nail hardeners, or biotin pills & whatever other unnecessary crap is on the market for your nails. There is only one thing that your nails crave, and that is moisture (and no I'm not talking about water)! The ONLY products I use are cuticle oil and lotion. The type of cuticle oil & lotion you use does not matter much, as long as you keep on applying either one or even both products when your hands feel dry.

Here are what my nails looked like at the Beginning of October (sorry I have no photos without polish). Pay attention to the shape, and length.

Here is what  my nails look like currently. Below are what my nails look like after a combination of cold weather, acetone, and hand washing. My nails are slightly stained red because of my previous manicure, but it should fade away gradually after my next manicure.

After washing my hand and letting them dry, I apply cuticle oil to my cuticles, under my free edge, and on my nail. I then massage in the oil and let it sink in for a few minutes. The cuticle oil I am currently using is Bliss Kiss.

Next I apply about a quarter sized amount of lotion to my two hands working it from my finger tips down to my wrists. I also let the lotion sink in for a while, and that's all there is too it! All of the lotions I use for my hands are from Bath and Body Works (aka my second OBSESSION) but feel free to use whatever you like, Another thing that helps my nails grow stronger and longer is polishing them. I find that my nails ALWAYS break the day I decide to go without it, so if you're not one to wear polish everyday, you can follow these steps followed by a base coat & top coat.

Here are some more tips that I think will help if you are experiencing some nail issues:

* Try avoiding having your hands in water for long periods of time if possible. Ex. If you are washing dishes, use rubber gloves! This minimizes chance of breakage
*Do not file your nails unnecessarily, and when you do, do not file them too sharply. I find that when I do this my nails get snagged on something and end up tearing
*Even if your nails do tear, DO NOT CHOP THEM OFF! As you can see from my photos from the beginning of October, all of my nails are rounded and are not equal length. When my nails break at the edge, I just round off my nails until they grow out. This saves the wait time opposed to having nubs (if you're a blogger like me) which is a lifesaver!

Hope something in this post helps someone out there that may be experiencing some problems!

Peace & Love,

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