Thursday, 15 November 2012

You're Still Loved, Facebook's Just Dumb.

Quick little update for all my fellow bloggers out there with Facebook fanpages. In case you have been wondering why no one is commenting on your updates or seeing them, it's because any updates made today (within the last couple of hours at least) are not showing up on any pages. The only people that can see the update are those who are lucky enough to receive it on their timelines, because as we all know by now Facebook is charging us to have all our fans see our posts. Hopefully it starts working "normally" soon.... Stupid Failbook!

Peace & Love,


  1. If I go to you're page and go to the wheel I click in Dutch on interest and make a new page of all my sites of Nails I want to follow.
    Do I don't miss any updates.
    You understand?