Tuesday, 8 April 2014

My Nail OOPS!

Welp, my nails have been short for about a month now, and I think I'd show you guys why. Around the beginning of March (when my nails were super long) I had the nail on my index finger break while I was in the middle of a huge swatchfest, so I just decided that I would do a gel nail until it grew back.

But after I did that one nail, I could tell it looked odd & didn't fit in with the rest, so I just chopped off the rest of my nails and did a full gel set... BIG MISTAKE.

I ended up breaking off the pinky gel nail extremely badly, forcing me to remove the others. My nail bed was bruised SO badly & hurt, and my nails were extremely thin. I spent this entire month taking care of my nails, trying to get them back to their original strong state, and I believe I'm almost there!

Peace & Love,

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