Wednesday, 16 May 2012

China Glaze Glitter Crackle

This is my first blog post people!!! Today I'm here to show you these beauties known as the China Glaze crackle glitters. I won these from a giveaway on their Facebook page and wanted to share them 
with you. :)

(From left to right): A light green glitter with a hint of yellow, light purple glitter, fuchsia/purple glitter, ocean blue glitter.
The names of these polishes from left to right are:
L-R: Jade-d, Luminous Lavender, Glam-More, Gleam Me Up

I was hoping that these colours looked as good on the nails as they did in the bottles so I put them to the test. I swatched these four crackle glitters over black, white, and 4 random colours I chose, here's what they looked like in the same order listed.
In my opinion, Glam-More and Gleam Me Up crackled the best. The colours looked just as bright and beautiful on the nail as they did in the bottles and cracked to my liking. My least favourite of the bunch is Luminous Lavender. It didn't crack very well and the colour is very faint over light colours.

Hope you enjoyed my very first review/ blogpost and I hope to be doing many many more! Like me on and follow this blog . Thank you and have an amazing day :D


  1. These are so gorgeous!! I love Glam-More & Gleam me up. Great first post <3

  2. Gorgeous glitter! I'm in love with every China Glaze polish, but these crackle are just awesome

  3. Sigh, I really want to like crackles! I just end up thinking it looks like paint peeling off a ratty old barn. I like the way they look over the white, though. It doesn't seem to emphasize the thickness of the crackle. Thanks for your review! Congrats on your first blog post! :)

  4. Thanks for swatching. I think these are the first glitter crackles I've seen, and ya know what? I actually don't like them :/

  5. Thanks guys :) and I didnt like crackles either from the pictures I've seen but it looks totally different in person