Sunday, 27 May 2012

My first Franken: Frank-Lynn

Hello guys! Today's post as you probably figured out by the title is about my first franken. Some of you may have already seen the swatches on my facebook page but this post will show you how it looks in a full blown mani! I decided to name it Frank-Lynn because it is a clash with franken and the creator of Lynnderella because her work is one of the first I've seen in the world of Indies.

Frank-Lynn is a light blue jelly-like polish that is PACKED with glitter. It wore very well with no base coat or top coat (shame on me, I  know) and had a good amount of colour after 2 coats.

Here's a close up of what the polish looks like. I really enjoyed making this franken and after this one I started considering if I should do custom made polishes for people since it got such a positive response. What do you guys think? Tell me how you feel about it and have a wonderful day :)