Monday, 17 June 2013

Pinky Paradise - EOS Fairy Brown Circle Lens Review

Good afternoon everyone, today I have my first ever circle contacts review for Pinky Paradise with the help of my beautiful older sister! She is experienced with contact wearing, and has been for quite some time, so who better to test them out?!

The contacts arrived around 3 weeks after it shipped, and they came with this beautiful animal lens case ( I got a hippo!) and this extra gift that helps hold your hair out of the way when applying the contacts.

Here is the before picture:

And here is the after!: 
Name: EOS Fairy Brown

Natural Color: Dark brown
Prescription: 0.00
Comfort: 5/5

There were no complaints with these contacts, they were absolutely perfect! These contacts really brighten up the face and open up the eyes. As you can see, the eyes went from a dark brown shade to almost a hazel color that I absolutely adore. One thing I already love about this company is how they have their website set up. It is very bright & beautiful, easy to navigate, and has a currency converter so you know exactly what you will be paying. I also love how they have a page dedicated to how to wear and properly care for your contacts. I find it very helpful for people just starting out with contacts such as myself or people transitioning to circle lenses, so when I build the confidence to wear contacts for the entire day I know I will not be harming my eyes..

These contacts and many more can be purchased (with, or without prescription) from The price of circle lenses varies by the brand and color. Use the code "teenpolishjunkie" at checkout to receive a FREE cute animal lens case PLUS mystery gift. This coupon can be stacked, meaning that the number or contacts you purchase is the number of cases and mystery gifts you will receive! This code has no expiry date, so feel free to use it whenever you like.

Keep in touch with Pinky Paradise by liking them on Facebook, Following on Twitter and Instagram, and reading their blog.

Peace & Love,
*Products sent for my honest review*


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