Friday, 6 December 2013

Influenster Maple VoxBox Review

The much needed weekend is finally here, and I will be kicking it off with my review of some products sent in the first ever Influenster Maple VoxBox! Influenster has finally made their service available to Canadians, and I'm so glad to have the opportunity to share my thoughts on these products with you guys!

Let's start off with the treats that were sent in the box. I received the Ice Breakers DUO in the raspberry flavor, the Skinny Cow Milk Chocolate Flavour Heavenly Crisp, and the Milk Chocolate Dreamy Clusters. The Ice Breakers DUO is absolutely delicious! My pack (which comes with PLENTY of mints) did not even last 2 days with me. The raspberry flavor tastes great, and the mint compliments it very well, very refreshing. The Skinny Cow Milk Chocolate Dreamy Clusters kinda remind me of a healthier version of Turtles. Instead of pecans there is the crispy rice cereal  & is only 120 calories per bag! I would definitely purchase these two items again. As for the Skinny Cow Milk Chocolate Flavour Heavenly Crisp bar, I felt like the ratio of chocolate to wafer was off, but if you like wafers this will be perfect for you.

Next we'll move on to the nail item I received. This is the Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-On Manicure. I don't know the exact name of this design, but I really love the color combination of these nails. My experience with these press-on nails was not the best, BUT this may not be the case for everyone. The set of nails I received are the short version, and I learned very quickly that my natural nails were still longer than these even after my breakage (which can be seen in the photos). I still tried these despite that issue, and they did not last a day. The nails did not lay flat with my nail bed due to the glue, and after one round of washing dishes the nails were coming off. I personally wouldn't wear these since I grow out my natural nails, but I think people who do not would enjoy this product for a quick day or 2 use.

 Next up will be the cosmetics. All the cosmetics I received were by the brand NYC New York Color. I received the Big Bold Curl Mascara in the darkest shade of black available, the Big Bold Plumping Lip Gloss, and some coupons for $1.00 off their products! The mascara was probably my second favorite product that I received, as it really does curl and add volume & length to my extremely short eyelashes without clumping. Amazing quality for the price, even better with coupons! The Big Bold Plumping Lip Gloss really doesn't add any color to the lips although it appears pink. After applying this gloss, I began to feel a minty tingling sensation that is really soothing, but as for the plumping effect, I did not notice much of a difference.
Last, but certainly not least is the skin care product I received. I received the Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spas face mask. The type of mask I received is the Red Earth Clay Spa. For the most part, my skin is extremely dry, with the exception of my nose which gets very oily at times. After following the easy steps to apply this mask (which may scare little children) I instantly noticed a difference in my skin. It was extremely soft and felt "clean" if you get what I mean. I also love the tingling sensation I felt while waiting with the mask on, it is extremely calming! Definitely my favorite product of the bunch.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Peace & Love,
*Products sent for my honest review*

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