Monday, 6 January 2014

I Blame Impatience!

If you follow me on my Facebook Page, you would know that I didn't post this weekend because it was the weekend of my niece's Christening. I'm still continuing with my Bundle Monster stamping month, which I even continued with my Christening manicure. I think this manicure would have been amazing... If  not for my impatience! I was in an absolute rush so I slapped on my base color quickly, tried to apply gel top coat over regular nail polish (I was desperate at this point), and stamped my nails when they were not completely dry. The images stamped perfectly actually, but some how the base color only got smudged! It's not completely horrible, but definitely not up to my usual standards! If I had the time, I would redo my manicure without a doubt.

The products I used are When Doves Cry by Darling Diva Polish, Signature Gold by Milani, and Bundle Monster plates BM-310 and BM-322 from the 2012 stamping plate set.

Peace & Love,

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