Saturday, 3 August 2013

Darling Diva Polish - Random Swatch Spam

Can't believe it's already August where does the time go?! Today is my last post before I leave for vacation (Don't worry, I have some great guest posts lined up to hold you until I'm back) & I thought I should show these 5 amazing Darling Diva Polishes that I've had patiently waiting on myself for way too long!

First up is Holiday (please excuse my HORRIBLE cuticles on this one) from the Madonna inspired collection. It consists of multiple sizes of rainbow circle glitters in a clear base. My swatches are 1 coat of Holiday worn over 2 coats of Silver Stilettos by Milani. This glitter topper SCREAMS party, and would look amazing over practically any color!

Next is BzzBzz which consists of silver holographic circle glitters, 2 sizes of black circle glitters, and a golden shimmer and a slightly tinted base. My swatches are 1 coat of BzzBzz worn over 2 coats of High Line Green by NYC. The shimmer in this polish is absolutely beautiful, this is one type of "Bzz" I wouldn't mind having by my side :D.
Next we have Pretender which is also from the Madonna inspired collection and it is a thermal crelly polish along with pink circle glitters. When cold the polish will turn into a pretty periwinkle shade, and when warm it will become white. My swatches are 2 coats worn alone. I guess it was hotter than even I knew in the GTA because ever time I tried to capture the periwinkle shade (which requires cold) my body temperature shot back up before I could even capture a photo!

Next we have Shake Your Pom Poms. Some have you may be thinking to yourself "Hey hasn't this polish obsessed woman already shown us this polish??? Is she off her rocker?!", but I guarntee you I haven't. However this polish is SIMILAR to Call the Doctor which I reviewed here, with the main difference being that Shake Your Pom Poms does not have the black circle glitter, or tiny silver holographic glitters, but has a beautiful pink to blue shimmer within it. My swatches are 1 coat of Shake Your Pom Poms over 2 coats of Lavender Highlight by Finger Paints. I don't know where Carrie finds these amazing shimmers, but she better keep em coming!
And Lastly we have Bad Girl which is the last Madonna inspired polish I have to show you. It is a beautiful color shifting polish that can go from deep violet, to purple, to blue, to turquoise, to green, and to an olive color. My swatches are 1 coat of Bad Girl worn over 1 coat of Black by Kleancolor. Love it!

Now you guys don't go having too much fun while I'm gone, I hope you all have a fantastic week & I'll be back soon!

Darling Diva Polishes costs between $9-$14 and can be purchased from her etsy shop found here.You may also purchase her polishes from Llarowe, Mei Mei's Signatures, Norway Nails, Le Doux Nuage, and Edgy Polish. Don't forget to check out her Facebook fanpage (which she is currently having a giveaway on *hint hint*) found here also for sneak peeks, updates, and deals!

Peace & Love,

*Some products sent for my honest review*

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