Thursday, 17 July 2014

Rosa Hair Products - Brazilian Virgin Curly Hair UPDATE

A lot has changed with this hair since it was last seen! No I have not been wearing this hair since my first review, but I have re-installed and re-vamped this hair since! For all the specs and my original thoughts on this hair, go to my first post about this hair found here

I took down my first install during mid August and had senegalese twists installed until late June, but I knew I still wanted to use this hair to achieve my prom hair look. In order to do so I used:
  • 2 packs of the Salon Care Blue Flash powder
  • 2 packs of the Kaleidocolors Blue tonal powder
  • 30 volume developer
  • A mixing bowl and brush for product distribution 
  • Tin foil 
If you guys want to see how I accomplished this ombre, check out this really easy tutorial by AllThingsFabulous101 on Youtube that I followed. Here is what my bundles looked like after I was finished (and please excuse the blurriness).

Instead of doing a sew in like I usually would, I decided to make a u-part wig (following Ivy's tutorial found here) in order to give my natural hair a break. After I got it installed (by my wonderful mother), I could instantly tell that the natural curl pattern had dropped very slightly from what it used to be; and I expected that with all of the processing that I put it through. Here is the hair in it's natural state.

The day after I got my hair installed it was my prom, so I straightened and slightly curled my hair using my KQC Red Devil straightening iron from Flat Iron Experts.

The next day (after an amazing night of dancing like crazy) the curls had dropped so the hair was relatively straight. This is the only time my hair was ever "straight" during this install, so I thought I'd let you guys see what the hair looked like in this state.

For the rest of the time I had this hair installed, my hair was styled using my flexi rods and White Sands hairspray that I got from Flat Iron Experts. Some days I wore the curls tight, others I wore it loose.

Prior to fixing leave-out

The ends of the hair did get a little bit dry after the coloring process, but a slight trim and a touch of oil helped that tremendously. This was my first time EVER with hair that wasn't black, and I'd like to think colored hair can actually look good with my skin tone if I do say so myself! I think I'm in love with this hair more than ever, and am glad I had such a great first experience on Aliexpress and hope this luck continues! Special Thank You to Miss Rosa for selling such wonderful products, and I look forward to purchasing from this company again.

Link to Brazilian Virgin Curly:
Link to Rosa Hair Products:

Peace & Love,

*Products were purchased by me & all opinions are honest*

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