Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Darling Diva Polish - Care Bear Collection Swatches & Review

Good afternoon everyone, I am super excited to show you a recently released collection by Darling Diva Polish that I think you will love! The collection is based off of the show Care Bears (ERMAHGERD!!!!) and consists of 6 beautiful polish. I received 4 of the 6, but from the swatches I've seen the other 2 (Good Luck Bear & Cheer Bear) are beautiful! But before we get to the polish, there's one thing we have to do... SING A LONG TIME!
The four polishes I received are (from left to right) Care Bear For A Crow, Grumpy Bear, Love A Lot Bear, & Care Bear Stare.

First up is Care Bear For A Crow which consists of various colored heart and flower glitters and black hexagonal glitter of different sizes in a clear base along with tiny blue and purple shimmer. I admit, at first glance I thought I wouldn't like this polish, but once I put it on it was a whole different story! This polish is sure to brighten up any plain old manicure, and the shimmer is subtle yet very sparkly over light colored base polish. Below is 2 coats of Care For A Crow layered over 2 coats of U Pinky Swear by Milani.
Next up is Grumpy Bear which is named after the Care Bear of the same name. Grumpy Bear consists of cloud colored flower glitters, pink hearts, and white hexagonal glitter of various sizes in a periwinkle duochrome. Perfect polish to represent this angry little cutie pie! Below is 3 thin coats worn alone, but it may be layered if you like.
 Next is Love A Lot Bear which is named after the Care Bear of the same name. Love A Lot Bear consists of holographic gold hexagonal and square glitters, white hexagonal glitters of various sizes, hot pink heart glitters, and holographic red heart glitters in a pink duochrome crelly base. I love the glitter combination in this polish, gold and pink together is like a match made in heaven! Below is 3 coats of Love A Lot Bear worn alone.
 Lastly is Care Bear Stare which is something you should know very well if you know this show! Care Bear Stare consists of various sizes of white hexagonal glitters, white heart glitters, white star glitters, purple to blue iridescent hexagonal glitters, and pastel rainbow glitters in a clear base. Yet another polish I was unsure about at first glance, but my opinion quickly changed after putting it on my nails! Below is 2 coats of Care Bear Stare worn over 1 coat of Lacey Lilac by Sally Hansen.
 Curiosity got the best of me and I wondered what Grumpy Bear, Love A Lot Bear, Care Bear Stare, & Wicked Attraction (from yesterday's post ) would look like layered over black. From left to right is Care Bear Stare, Love A Lot Bear, Grumpy Bear, and Wicked Attraction. All I can say is WOW, I would have never imagined the changes some of these polishes had. I especially like the
 blurple color Love A Lot Bear has when layered over black.
 I liked all of the polishes, but my favorites are definitely are the 2 glitter top coats. The glitter combinations are so unique and can be worn over almost any color base. All of these polishes needed a coat of Gelous in order to achieve a smooth finish due to the large shaped glitters within them. A bit of fishing is also needed in Grumpy Bear and Care Bear For A Crow, but it sure is worth it if you ask me!

Darling Diva Polishes costs between $8-$12 and can be purchased from her etsy shop found here. Don't forget to check out her Facebook fanpage found here also for sneak peeks, updates, and deals!

Peace & Love,

*Products sent for my honest review*


  1. Awww how cute, a Care Bear collection! :D My favorite is the last polish <3

  2. I LOVE these!! I am Obsessed with Care Bears, like seriously, I have all of them still. Lol. :)

  3. This collection is so perfect, I can't handle it *____*

  4. I love this collection! Good call on layering them over black. It's like they each take on a whole new life.

    These are great swatches. Thanks!

  5. I want them, all of them! Great swatches!

  6. Thanks! You should get them, they're beautiful!

  7. OMG These are the cutest polishes...and the glitter is awesome..would love to have these for my girls!