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Flat Iron Experts - KQC Red Devil Tourmaline/Ceramic 1 Inch Flat Iron Review

Good afternoon everyone! Today's review is something that has NEVER been featured on my site until now... HAIR! I know, I know, this blog is called Teen POLISH Junkie, but to be honest I love all aspects of the beauty industry and have been holding back on posting other things, but when I was presented the chance to do the review I knew it was time. I'm just letting you know in advance that I will be having another hair related post this week so stay tuned!All the important links will be posted at  the bottom of the post.

I received the KQC Red Devil Tourmaline/Ceramic 1 inch flat iron from Flat Iron Experts along with the Flat Iron Experts Iron Holder and KQC Thermal Shine Spray. It came in 8 days including weekends which is fairly fast shipping which is always a good thing!
The KQC Red Devil uses tourmaline and ceramic technology which is something I had no clue about, but after reading up on it I hear that it is good for steady temperature control and reducing the chance of hair breaking/burning while in use. I love the cute little logo of the female devil they have for this model of flat irons, tiny details like that are things that I like. The on/off is on the inside of the iron, and when in the on position while plugged on two lights come on; one red and the other green. Once the iron is ready for use (which it is in 30 seconds or less no matter the heat!), the red light begins to flash which is very useful because I usually walk away from my iron and wait for it to heat up. Beside the on/off switch is the heat setting which ranges from 175 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. The extension cord on this iron is also fairly long compared to most other models and has a swivel cord to avoid tangling.
 Everyone meet Brianna, she is my practice mannequin (and yes she has snake bites because she's awesome)! I will be using her to show how the KQC Red Devil works on people with naturally straight/wavy hair types. I WILL be updating this post in the future for all my fellow natural sista's out there and others with a really tight curl pattern (My hair is currently single braided) to put this iron to the test. The hair was freshly washed, air dried, and brushed out in these before photos:

 I then applied a little bit of the thermal shine spray to the entire head and straightened it at a temperature of 302 degrees Fahrenheit using the comb chase method and these were my results:
 The hair straightened very quickly and easily! I'm personally used to having to go over the same piece of hair 3 or 4 times to get it straight or even slowly moving the iron down the hair in hopes of it straightening faster, but with the KQC Red Devil I only had to go through each section of hair once & if glides through the hair with ease. It also left the hair soft and flowing (which is shown above... I call it the Beyonce shot ahaha) rather than stiff or oily looking.

I then used the iron to test how it is with curling. I apologize that I do not have the photos of the original curls and only the styled looks, but it works just as fabulously for curling. I was trying to go for a Kim Kardashian type of look but clearly that never happened, but it is beautiful none the less. I also attempted to a curly fohawk look.
Next up is the Flat Iron Experts Iron Holder. I've personally never seen a flat iron holder before, and I think the concept is amazing. It has suction cups on the bottom and sticks to most surfaces to secure your iron. I have burned not only my counter and the items on it (Imagine a melting toothpaste tube LOL) in the past, and have dropped it time and time again, so this holder was a life saver.
Lastly is the KQC Thermal Shine Spray and it comes in a 142g spray can. It has a smell to it that I find personally find pleasant, but I know some people may not like it. It is very light weight on the hair and really did add a nice shine while protecting it.
As of now I would highly recommend this iron to people, but I don't want to give it my 100% approval until  I test it on my hair type also. The KQC Red Devil is currently on sale for $109.95 Canadian and shipping is free on all orders to the US and Canada over $50. They also have an option where you can add in the holder for an additional $10 and all KQC flat irons come with the thermal shine spray free (retail $13.99) which is an amazing deal!

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*Products sent for my honest review*

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  1. looks nice, I personally prefer the karmin g3, it's my favorite, leaves my hair amazing.:)