Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Parnevu T-Tree Leave-In Conditioner & Extra Dry Carrot Oil Review

Good evening everyone! Today is my second hair review on the blog, this time for a company called Parnevu. Parnevu is a company that makes hair care products for women of all hair types. Today I have their T-Tree Leave In Conditioner and Extra Dry Carrot Oil to show you. I also received their Extra Dry Oil Styling Lotion, but because my hair is currently single braided & I had to redo this review because the first set of pictures got deleted, I have to wait to get that posted for you guys.

The leave-in conditioner and carrot oil both are targeted for women with a dry scalp or need moisture. I chose these because I honestly get very lazy when it comes to doing my hair, and I hardly ever apply products to my hair which is sad to say. They both have a very pleasant smell and have a nice and light whipped consistency. I tested these products for 3 weeks and applied it to my hair every other day. To ensure that I didn't forget to use it, I mixed the two products together, diluted it with a bit of water, and put it in a spray bottle.
 Here is what my hair looks like in a ponytail. My hair is extremely thick and is shoulder length when straightened:

If you do not know how African American is when it has lots of moisture, you are going to see it first hand! I applied my little mixture to my hair right after washing it. It really defined my curls I never knew I had in my hair and softened it extremely LOL! Below is also pictures of how it turned out when the product set into my hair and I styled it the next day:
My final thoughts on the products are that they are amazing! After 3 weeks I noticed that I had less split ends, and my hair was getting softer slowly but surely. And even since ending the trial period and having my hair braided, I have still been using my concoction in my scalp and my hair has grown half an inch!

Parnevu products can be purchased from their website I have also spotted their products sold at Sally's Beauty Supply. Don't forget to Like them on Facebook for updates, news, and giveaways!

Peace & Love,
*Products sent for my honest review*

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  1. Me and my daughter use coconut oil once a week makes your hair so shiny