Saturday, 13 October 2012

Halloween Nail Art Challenge: Tombstones

Oh my gosh guys I completely forgot about today's nail art challenge! I thought it was tomorrow instead of today and I felt horrible when I logged on and seen everyone's beautiful manicures. So I literally JUST slapped something together in five minutes just to have the post up in time.

Today's theme is tombstones, so I just drew a bunch of tree's and tombstones over my current manicure. I actually like this color as a background, seems very magical!

Check out these other blogger's designs!

Peace & Love,


  1. So cute! What is your base color?

  2. Haha the glowy pink really works! Love it :@)

  3. nails was very good!

  4. Oooh! I love the pink in the background! Pretty awesome for just slapping it together last minute ;) I love it!