Thursday, 11 October 2012

Orly's Mysterious Curse vs. Royal Velvet

Take a good look at these bottles. Can you see any differences? I surely can't. If I wasn't addicted to polish I would bet on my life that these are the same polishes. But look:

 Two different names!
The first being "Mysterious Curse" from Orly's limited edition Dark Shadows collection, and the second being "Royal Velvet" which I know can be found year round at stores such as Sally's Beauty Supply.

We have established that they look same in the bottle, but as we all know looks can be deceiving when it comes to polishes. There is only one way to compare any dupes.... swatches!!! Each nail has 3 coats for full coverage.

It's official; Houston, we have a dupe! They both have the same duo chrome effect and blue shimmer. They both apply beautifully and have the same coverage. The only thing that isn't the EXACT same; the name.

Missed out on Mysterious Curse? Have no fear, Royal Velvet is here!

Peace & Love,


  1. Oh wow they are dupes. It's a beautiful duochrome.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I have Mysterious Curse, and now I know I don't need Royal Velvet ;-) They look beautiful on you!

  3. Looks like I know what my next polish will be!

  4. Yup. Mysterious Curse is just a repromote of Royal Velvet!

    Gorgeous polish tho, and you're swatches are gorgeous too!

  5. wow they are exactly the same .thanks for sharing ,this was really helpful