Monday, 15 October 2012

Milani - Key West Swatches and Review

I've been on a roll lately with posting, go me! Today's post is a quick review and some swatches of Milani's Key West. If you didn't already notice by my previous posts, I pretty much LOVE Milani products especially nail polish but this one blew my mind.

 Key West is a metallic teal with green shimmer. This teal was very hard to photograph and looks slightly more blue than it truly is, but is beautiful nonetheless. Below is two coats of Key West on its own.

 I was surprised by how much I liked this polish. Most metallic polishes do NOT agree with my skin tone, but this one got me plenty of compliments. It applied very evenly and was very opaque. I could have gotten away with doing one coat only with full coverage, but I chose to do two coats as a personal preference.

I loved this color so much that I couldn't bring myself to remove it, so I added some stamping to it! This is CH44 from Cheeky's summer stamping plate collection. You can read my review on them here.

I highly recommend that you add this to your collection because it is AMAZEBALLS!<3

Peace & Love,


  1. Oh Key West, yes, that is an amazing polish. Milani and Jordana (the sister company) are GREAT!

    This polish started my turquoise binge this summer. I like your taste in polish.

    This manicure is very very pretty too!

    Well done you : )