Sunday, 21 October 2012

Killer Manicure *Very pic heavy & Graphic*

Good afternoon guys, hope you are having a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Today's post is somewhat a part two of my blood manicure from the Halloween challenge which can be found here, but even more gruesome in my opinion.

I woke up yesterday morning and decided to check out some Halloween manicures on Youtube. I seen many inspiration such as broken nails, stapled nails, and other nail art but I still wanted to give something else. My "killer" manicure was inspired by all of the good old Halloween movies where the murderer is thought to be dead or buried alive, but just when you least expect it "POW!" ; stabbed in the back, literally.

I literally took HUNDREDS of photos of this manicure but these were the "few" that I selected.

When I was taking these pictures it reminded me of my favorite movie series ever which is Child's Play/ Chucky. I was literally about 5 when I started watching these movies, and I used to sit there and laugh my head off every time he cursed or killed somebody... I don't know what that says about my mind but umm... Don't Judge me hahahaha! I <3 Chucky!!!

Do you love this craziness? Would you like to know how I accomplished this? Let me know.

Peace & Love,


  1. OMG I LOVE THESE .it does remind me of chucky .i would definately want a tutorial please .

  2. Very realistic & icky. Good job!

  3. this is great! plz do a tutorial!!!

  4. I will get the tutorial up this weekend :) Thanks guys

  5. Would love to see the nails without all the blood on the fingers to get a really good look at them.