Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Pahlish - Force of Nature Collection Swatches & Review

Hello everyone, long time no "see" ! Today is the day I kick my own butt and get back to blogging the way I used to. I have plenty of unpublished reviews and items to be reviewed that have been sitting in a bin for MONTHS and that is not acceptable in my books! So for the next week or two I will be playing catch up on reviews, press releases, etc, and getting back into the swing of things. I really missed blogging and being "in the loop" with the nail polish world and I'm so glad to be back!

Today's post is the Force of Nature collection by Pahlish. This collection was released in the summertime, so unfortunately a lot of the colors in this collection are no longer available (I'm sorry, you can blame me if you like what you see and it's not available). This collection consists of 5 beautiful cream polishes; 3 with micro glitters and 2 with bigger sizes and shapes of glitter. I believe all of my swatches are 2 coats worn alone, however you can get away with one coat for some of them depending on how you apply your polish.

First up is Shake the Rust which consists of a reddish-orange micro glitter in a light pink base. At first glance this was the polish I disliked the most, but as soon as I got it on my nails it became my favorite!

Next up is Sea Said Goodbye which consists of metallic green glitters in a periwinkle base. Please excuse my oompa loompa colored skin in this photo, it always happens with tones of blue grrr! Lol.

Then we have Mountain Sound which consists of gold micro glitters in a bright yellow base. I don't know why, but this polish reminded me of Spongebob Squarepants ahaha!

Next up is Move Slow and Steady which consists of a reddish-orange micro glitter in a red-toned purple base. This is my second favorite of the collection; for a glitter that is supposed to be a "rusty" color, it sure is pretty!

And lastly we have Pet Dragonfly which consists of metallic blue glitters in a blue-toned purple base. This polish also has blue micro glitters that are very subtle, which adds a very nice touch to this polish.

Overall I think this collection was well thought out and put together very nicely. The colors are not extremely bold and bright, but the combinations of each polish sure do make them stand out! The polishes applied with ease and dried fairly quickly which is always amazing.

Pahlish nail polishes can be purchased from her bigcartel shop found here. Don't forget to like Pahlish on Facebook for updates and sneak peeks!
Peace & Love, --TPJ<3
*Products sent for my honest review*

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