Wednesday, 2 January 2013

"Cheers!", For the New Year

Good afternoon everyone. Today's post is something I was hoping to have posted on New Year's Eve, but then I ended up going out for those 2 days in a row so it never happened. These were the polishes I wore to ring in the new year, and if you're lucky like I was some stores like Sally's, Ulta, or your local beauty supply store may still have them.

 The polishes I am referring to are the ones included in the Cheers gift pack by China Glaze. It contains 2 colors from their holiday collection which are Glistening Snow (silver) and Angel Wings (gold). The gift pack also comes with a shot glass which is one reason why I recommended it for the New Year. The other reason being that these colors are to die for!

 In shaded areas Glistening Snow looks like a regular silver micro glitter polish, but in light you realize it really is a super sparkly silver holographic micro glitter with a sand like finish almost if worn without top coat. If you could blend a diamond and turn it into dust, it would look just like this polish.

 Angel eyes has the same effect as Glistening Snow in the shade, but it is a gorgeous gold holographic micro glitter in light. It also has the same look and feel as Glistening Snow when no top coat is applied, which I personally like. Some people say that Angel Eyes is almost an exact dupe of an Ulta exclusive China Glaze released a while ago called Ultimate Holiday, which I was ecstatic about since there are no Ulta's in Canada .

Overall I really love this two polishes. They are extremely beautiful, and dry very quickly in comparison to other glitter polishes I have used. I would recommend a good top coat for ultimate shine and a smooth finish. I also recommend that you use the glue base coat method or the tin foil method for removal of this polish. Peace & Love, --TPJ<3


  1. I wore these for NYE. I also used the glue base coat. Success! Removal was amazingly easy :)

  2. Very cute both of them. Glistening snow is so pretty.