Thursday, 3 January 2013

Puttin' On the Glitz

Sorry for the late post guys! I ended up taking HUNDREDS of photos for this review, and it ended up taking me way longer than expected to choose photos and crop and watermark them. I believe it's well worth the wait though, because these polishes are gorgeous!

The Puttin' On the Glitz gift pack by China Glaze consists of 3 polishes from their Holiday Joy collection. The 3 polishes in the pack are (from left to right):
-With Love
-Cranberry Splash
With Love is a bright orange-red creme polish. Below is 2 coats of With Love on it's own. I was able to get it opaque in one coat which I was extremely surprised by, but I did 2 coats as a personal preference.

 Pizzazz is multicolored glitter in a clear base. At first I believed this may be a dupe for the very popular Rainbow Connection by OPI, but the size of the glitters in Pizzazz is much smaller which gives it a completely different look. My bottle was stuck shut, and when I finally got it open about a quarter of the suspension base was dried out and the polish was really thick. I added a bunch of nail polish thinner to it, and everything was fine. Below is 3 coats on its own, and one coat over With Love and Cranberry Splash.

Cranberry Splash is a beautiful ruby red shimmer polish. I was also able to get this polish opaque in one coat, but again I used 2 coats because it is my personal preference.

 I have stated this time and time again, I HATE red polishes (even though most of my collection is red oddly enough) because of the stains that come along with them. BUT after trying these two I think I might have to change my views on red polishes. Cranberry Splash especially took my breath away because of the shine and ease of application. I also think it looks fabulous with my skintone which is always a plus! The two reds in this gift pack are classy yet sexy, and Pizzazz is the perfect polish to take your nails from classy to party. These dried fairly quickly and remained shiny even without a top coat. Two thumbs up for China Glaze creating the perfect complementing polishes!

Peace & Love,


  1. Those 2 reds look gorgeous on you! Beautiful pictures ;)

    1. Thanks :D I've been messing around with lighting and angles, still testing out this new camera!

  2. OMGoodness these just POP on your nails. I've passed these so many times in Sally's.. good look girl!!

  3. The reds are fabulous on you. Pizzazz is also fancy.