Sunday, 27 January 2013

31DC - Day 27: Inspired by You

Today's theme in the 31 day challenge was to do a self inspired manicure. Well, one main thing I repeat plenty on this blog is my LOVE of color purple, so that definitely had to be apart of this manicure. I also decided to stamp over it with the music notes from CH31 by Cheeky because I also love music! If you read the "about me" section on my blog, you would know that I used to play the trumpet for 3 years :). I'm more into old school music, people ask me if I'm crazy when I say Tom Jones is my favorite singer and that Grease is my all time favorite movie hahaha! The purple is Charged Up by Orly and the silver is Silver Stilettos by Milani. Enjoy!

 Peace & Love,