Wednesday, 16 January 2013

31DC - Day 16: Color Opposites

Today's theme of the 31 day challenge is color opposites. I had to think back to my kindergarten days to remember my color wheel, and of all the choices I decided to do blue and orange because I feel like I don't wear orange very often. The colors I used for this manicure are Water Street Blue by NYC and Jiffy Orange by Milani. I love these colors together! It totally reminds me of good old cartoons!
Peace & Love,


  1. hey i did blue/orange with dots too. great minds think alike. very cute.

  2. Wow :) Looks amazing :) I looove it.

  3. this is fantastic!!!!! this looks so fun and your dots are perfect :)

  4. Did you use a dotter tool because the circles are PERFECT! I love it